@koolthing_ gave me a gg allin tatty. So hardcore. So tatted. #punkneverdies

New Oz Music: John Steel Singers, Miami Horror, Bertie Blackman, more



And other ostensibly music reviews.

Jake Cleland - listen up 👌

i LOVE being referred to as “, more”



Anna in the afternoon light

Photos by our friend Lisa

woah… ever chance upon saucy pictures of your lover on the internet?

yeah me too.

oh what’s this???
hey so my new album is called “some songs” and it’s out october 24 on digital/CD/vinyl via spunk.stream the first single now: https://soundcloud.com/spunkrecords/bored-nothing-ice-cream-dreams-1
this beautiful thing my brother made is on the wall in my studio.

Track Of The Day 18/8 - Bored Nothing

i may have a new single coming out… you might be able to listen to it here…

yes please
yeah boi