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that’s definitely too much tuna

that’s definitely too much tuna

i had to google image where europe is, and i’ve been there before…
48 hours away from this nonsense.



Pink Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard

got one of these when i was 13, still use it on the regular.

I sampled my name into one of these and played the demo track and it was just Charles on repeat and it was funny. Repeat forever

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@koolthing_ gave me a gg allin tatty. So hardcore. So tatted. #punkneverdies

New Oz Music: John Steel Singers, Miami Horror, Bertie Blackman, more



And other ostensibly music reviews.

Jake Cleland - listen up 👌

i LOVE being referred to as “, more”



Anna in the afternoon light

Photos by our friend Lisa

woah… ever chance upon saucy pictures of your lover on the internet?

yeah me too.